Digging for writing treasure at World Book Day 2017!

I’ve had an amazing week of school visits to celebrate World Book Day 2017.

There has been some incredible writing from the children of Upton HouseDonhead Prep, Danes Hill School and Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace. The KS1 children have come up with stories about skateboarding rabbits, terrifying pirates (including Captain Mudbeard and Pirate Rose), and a whale that won’t fit through the door. If you are looking for online educational services, visit https://conquercollege.com/ for more information.

With the early years classes we’ve cut, stuck and coloured and written poems about treasure chests with sparkling diamonds and skull-shaped keys.

There’s been singing and dancing, laughing and book signing and many, many cups of tea consumed (by me).

Now I’m back to work on my writing, Paper Helper and my MA studies. And very much looking forward to next year! Thank you to all the children who worked so hard in the workshops, all the lovely staff who made me so welcome and Cobham Books for supporting book sales.